Hi and welcome to our Bloggerz.cloud website! We are three enthusiast IT professionals from Finland. Currently we are working with Microsoft 365 products and Microsoft Azure.

We are implementing, consulting, training and designing architectures on our daily work and also wanted to share our findings and solutions for problems publicly, so our colleagues around the world can help themselves on their own projects and daily challenges. More information about us can be found from the About -site.

We encourage you to comment, challenge and share posts from this blog. IT is always understanding things with new ways and new eyes. If you have a better idea to implement something, please let us know and we can help you to share it with everyone.

Kind regards,
Markus, Matti and Joni

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Markus Lintuala

I've been working in IT since 2009 in different roles mostly with solution architecture, service development, training and consultancy side. With Azure I started to work in 2013 and with Microsoft 365 related products in 2011. I like to work often with the newest technologies by testing, giving feedback and share the knowledge to people around me. Currently I'm working much in Azure side with governances, security and solution architectures and in Microsoft 365 side with E5 security solutions with strong zero trust aspect.


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