There has been a possibility to back up your Microsoft Authenticator’s multi-factor authentication accounts to iCloud for a long time. All Android users have been waiting this feature since it was published to the iOS-devices.

Today my Android got a new version of Microsoft Authenticator that includes also the cloud backup. Just go to the settings and turn it on. Authenticator asks you to provide a personal Microsoft account where to store the information. It will not allow you to store the information in Work or School account. Hopefully this feature is going to be enabled some day.

Anyway… This helps a LOT of the change of the mobile device, because you don’t have to re-enroll every account in your Microsoft Authenticator. To find closer information, please consult Microsoft’s documentation.

Microsoft Authenticator Cloud Backup for Android

PS. If you are not yet using Microsoft Authenticator, I encourage you do so! Enable Multi factor authentication to every account that you have in any service

Markus Lintuala

I have worked most of my career on traditional infrastructure management side with enterprise architectures, workstation and server management. When Microsoft published the first IaaS-services on Azure I started my journey towards the cloud on productivity as well as on platform side. I like to work often with the newest technologies; currently specially in Microsoft 365 identity, security, device management and end-user experience area.


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